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Almora is kumoani culture center. Almora in Kumaon in real glimpses of superb songs and folk dances Ullaspriy appears. The city is also the venue kumoani authentic language. Kumoani costumes true form appears in Almora. The philosophy of modernity in Almora fully become. The hotels here are many mountain food. Hair is also its famous sweet dessert and Singudi.

Famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine and magnificent wildlife, coupled with an easy accessibility, Almora promises its tourists a visit full of fun and unforgettable moments. This agrarian town has two major rivers- Koshi (Kaushaki) and Suyal (Salmali) flowing through it. âThe enchanting beauties of the Himalayas, their bracing climate and the soothing green that envelopes you leaves nothing more to be desired. I wonder whether the scenery of these hills and the climate are to be surpassed, if equaled, by any of the beauty spots of the world. After having been nearly three weeks in Almora Hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need go in Europe in search of health. â â Mahatma Gandhi

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